Rotax 2-Stroke Engine Shockload Test/Prop Strike Inspection.

Introduction ...

Rotax defines a prop strike as one or any combination of the following ...

  • "Any cases in which the engine is operating and the propeller impacts an object which causes a considerable drop in engine RPM."
  • "Any incident, whether or not the engine is operating (e.g. damage due to contact with foreign objects, landing gear failure etc.), that requires a removal of the propeller for repair."
  • "Any incident with a sudden RPM drop while impacting water, tall grass, or other similar medium where damage on the propeller structure is not incurred."

This section is intended to give you a clearer idea of what a Propeller shock load test entails.

Inspection items for Rotax 2-Stroke Engines ...

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Inspection items for Rotax 2-Stroke A or B Gearboxes ...

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Inspection items for Rotax 2-Stroke C or E Gearboxes ...

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Shock Load Test Pricing ...

We can provide a full Rotax Engine and Gearbox Shock Load Test / Prop Strike Inspection for £549.00. The following parts are included in our fixed price, Half-Rings (2 off), Roller Bearing 20SE C3, Ball Bearing 6207E, and Friction Washer which come to ... £208.97.

If upon inspection it is discovered that other parts are required the cost of these will be added to this Fixed-Price.

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